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Affordable and clean energy

Designing and operating energy infrastructures
in islands throughout the world

Island Power Solutions works in cooperation with governmental agencies, foundations, NGOs and with local businesses and communities to build a more sustainable future. We provide innovative renewable energy solutions, guaranteeing value to our clients through reliable and profitable projects.

solar energy solutions

The sun is a highly versatile and almost limitless power source that helps reduce the dependence on grid power and allows its users to optimize consumption and reduce costs. We work in solar energy in all forms. 

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hydrogen energy solutions

Island Power produces green hydrogen from clean energy and water.  We work with solutions for either injection in the natural gas pipelines, or as green ammonia, for usage in agriculture and chemical areas.

wind energy solutions

We develop aggregated solutions combining wind and solar power, that reduces the capacity needed for expensive storage in off grid solutions. Today we are involved in large scale wind development in Taiwan and in the Caribbean.

Waste can be used as a resource, especially if used in a small or medium sized plant. Beyond providing a stable power production, it helps reduce pollution.

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storage energy solutions

IPS is working in innovative compressed air storage solutions, in cooperation with CTG, for storage of energy in the ground, as well as traditional options like large scale pump power storage and small scale smart hybrid batteries.

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We take great pride in everything that we do, control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality service.

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