Island Power Solutions Ltd today welcomes Mr Mats Öhman to the board of directors of IPS. Mats brings extensive experience in the banking and financial sectors, with a focus on equity markets (emerging markets) and macro economy.

With almost 20 years in the institutional banking industry working for companies such as SEB, UBS and Deutsche Bank, Mats adds a great experience in analyzing macro-economic developments, financial structures, as well as individual companies’ performance, business models, strategies and equity valuations. Mats has analyzed companies in various industry sectors and geographies. Mats is a valuable addition to the board of Island Power Solutions and also has experience as a CFO and COO from the insurance industry.


ABOUT Island power ltd

Island Power Solutions Ltd It is a solution company with a board competence in the energy and waste field, as well as experience both form the consumer and production side. Together with its partner-companies Island Power can offer islands a complete solution for their energy production and storage, along with waste and water treatment as well as other sustainable solutions. Island Power is developing solutions with a social focus and the betterment of society and the environment, but to the largest possible extent on commercial terms. For more information, see

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Johan Ovansjö
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