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Island Power Solutions Ltd today welcomes Mr Julio Barbosa as Chief Project Development Officer based in Porto, Portugal. Julio brings extensive senior management experience within the renewable energy industry, with a particular focus on wind farm construction.

Working over 10 years with the construction and development of renewable power, mainly within wind projects in most of the world, Julio adds the important function to the team. Also adding specific expertise in the wind area, been responsible for some of the largest projects developed up to date.

Julio coming from Greensolver, an independent company providing technical expertise for wind and solar assets. Greensolver has worked on the construction of 1138 MW (70 farms) and the operation of 984 MW (60 assets) as well as consulting and advisory on 10 304 MW. Before then Julio has also worked for EQUIS Energy, ENGIE (Former GDF Suez) where, as Construction Director, he did a wind farm of totalling 300 MW (131 WTGs), the largest in Africa up to that date.


We at Island Power Solutions, are very pleased that Julio has decided to join our team. He is not only very experienced within the renewable energy space, but also adds expertise within the wind farm sector, which is something that Island Power’s clients have expressed interest in. Our portfolio becomes more complete and really works towards Island Powers mission of being a complete solution company for the energy and waste problems facing the islands today,” said Mr Johan Ovansjö, Chief Investment Officer and one of Island Power Solutions Founders.

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Island Power Solutions Ltd It is a solution company with a board competence in the energy and waste field, as well as experience both form the consumer and production side. Together with its partner-companies Island Power can offer islands a complete solution for their energy production and storage, along with waste and water treatment as well as other sustainable solutions. Island Power is developing solutions with a social focus and the betterment of society and the environment, but to the largest possible extent on commercial terms. For more information, see www.islandpower.energy

Chief Investment Officer
Johan Ovansjö
Phone: +46 76 045 9818
Email: johan.ovansjo@islandpower.energy