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Energy Storage Solutions

Key to changing the energy mix is effective energy storage solutions, where energy is produced energy needs to be stored and consumed when demand doesn’t meet production. IPS is working in innovative compressed air storage solutions, in cooperation with CTG, for storage of energy in the ground, as well as traditional options like large scale pump power storage and small scale smart hybrid batteries.


“The missing link to a fully decarbonized society”

Hydrogen has been considered the missing link in the energy transition: renewable electricity can be used to produce hydrogen, which can in turn provide energy to sectors otherwise difficult to decarbonise through electrification. As H2 does not exist in nature in it’s pure state, it has to be obtained through energy-consuming processes, to then be used in different ways, either in direct combustion, mixed into natural gas flow, or in fuel cells. IPS produces green hydrogen only from clean energy and water.

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